More for
your health

In order the staying in villa “Beneia” to be helpful for your health, creativity and self-confidence, we are offering and recommending you:

  • Everyday walks among the nature – on the beach or in the mountain. Of course, if you are in good shape you can go on the ridge of “Stara planina” mountain and hike to cape Emona.
  • Start each morning with remedial exercises, lasting 20 – 30 minutes. It can be according the system of academic Norbekov. You can find information for the system in the small library on the third floor of the house. If you want make other exercises which you thing suits you better, but no matter what kind of remedial exercises you will choose, the main point is to make them in a good mood and with relaxing music. This is the condition for the best result.
  • You can take advantage of the aromatherapy which we offer you in villa “Beneia”.
  • Cycling – there is a good cycling track to Sunny Beach, the near resort and town SV. Vlas and even do Nesseber.
  • There are also some books for the healthy eating in our library, which instructions you can follow.

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